Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Shoe Trends

Lately I've been noticing a lot of the trends for spring when it comes to fashion and shoes. Some of it I like, some not so much, and some seems really familiar. Have you noticed boat shoes for men are back in? And not just for men either.  It's funny the trends that I would be so excited to wear when I was younger but now I tend to stick to a little bit of what's popular and a little bit of classics that I love.  

I really like trends that are more natural and bright colors are fun too.  I've seen some cute accessories and shoes that incorporate raffia that I'd be happy to wear this spring.   But the Lady Gaga-esque shoes that are in right now though... So not my thing.  (Not to mention that even if I was into shoes like that, I'm so klutzy I'd probably kill myself trying to walk in them.)  I've yet to actually see anyone wearing them in real life though.  I bet we see a lot of those shoes on the sale racks at the end of the season.  I guess one of the good things could be the super chunky heels.  At least those might make it easier for those of us who don't wear heels on a daily basis to get back into wearing heels more often.  As long as they aren't 6 inches tall. 

What are you loving when it comes to shoes this spring?  Anything you won't be caught dead in?

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  1. I love short heeled open-toed sandals. :) And my not-my-thing shoe would be a clog... possibly because my feet are big and they make them look bigger, lol.